Workplace Health and Safety


Safety Audit

WHS / OHS audits allow organisations to measure whether their workplace health and safety activities are meeting planned arrangements, and to identify areas for improvement. Basically, an WHS / OHS audit will assist an organisation to identify what WHS / OHS strategies and / workplace health and safety policy are in place and what needs to be implemented. With over 15 years of experience, including high risk construction site audits PWR Consulting will ensure compliance in all areas of health and safety.


Plant Risk Assessments

Risk assessment is the cornerstone of a comprehensive and legally compliant safety management system and at PWR Consulting we pride ourselves on providing a practical, quality and legally compliant solutions to our clients. 

Fundamental to current health and safety legislation is the carrying out of risk assessments by competent persons. PWR Consulting personnel carry out substantial amounts of risk assessment work for clients across all sectors every year. 


Safety Compliance

As workplace safety continues to be an increasingly intricate process, many companies and organisations are required to provide Safe Work Method Statements or Job Safety Analysis (JSA) in anticipation of the processes being undertaken onsite.

PWR Consulting provides complete, clear and concise site-specific SWMS, JSA or JSEA (Job Safety Environmental Assessment), all utilising the risk matrix format as well as the hierarchy of controls to identify risk rankings based on the likelihood and consequence of stated events.

Each SWSM or other assessment is developed to suit the stated high-risk task or operation undertaken by the business. Our consultants have extensive experience in your industry and have the ability to develop a statement or analysis that will best suit your organisation. 


Safety Consultant

Customised OHS Consulting services that PWR Consulting provides include:

  • OHS training development and delivery
  • OHS IT System Development
  • Onsite/Offsite OHS Officer – supporting administration and compliance 
  • OHS Advise Line (Telephone/Email) Support
  • OHS development of Safe Work Procedures (SWPs)
  • Technical OHS Support Risk Assessment including plant, manual handling and chemical risk assessments


Return to Work Coordinator

Supporting your injured worker to return to safe and sustainable work as soon as possible is necessary to meet your legal obligations,and  is good for both your worker and for business.

 It can help increase productivity and keep the cost of your WorkSafe Insurance premium down. It benefits your worker by reducing the financial, health and emotional impacts on them and their family. When one of your workers has an incapacity for work, you have obligations under the law to help them return to work.

Our experienced consultants will assist to manage these obligations as your appointed Return to Work Coordinator: 

  • plan for your worker’s return to work
  • obtain relevant information about your worker’s capacity for work
  • consider reasonable workplace support, aids or modifications to assist in your worker’s return to work
  • assess and propose options for suitable or pre-injury employment to your worker
  • provide your worker with clear, accurate and current details of their return to work arrangements
  • monitor your worker’s progress
  • consult with your worker about their return to work, with their treating health practitioner


Drug and Alcohol Testing

Onsite drug and alcohol testing is an essential element when ensuring your workplace is safe and healthy. Whether it is blanket, random or causal testing we can tailor a program that fits your organisation’s needs.Through the use of onsite drug and alcohol testing, many companies are proactively enforcing a drug free environment to ensure a safe working environment for all employees.

At PWR Consulting we are able to provide a number of different testing methods depending on the outcomes that our partners are looking to achieve. We work with our partners to create programs that comply with their operating procedures and policies around drug testing to ensure an effective program is rolled out.  A drug test may be conducted by a company or organisation for a number of reasons which include; “for cause” after an incident, “periodic testing” which is usual conducted over a uniform time frame, or “return to duty” after an absence from work due to a positive result to illicit drug use previously. 

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