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Have an issue with employee's or your workplace safety? Unsure how to comply with Fair Work?


PWR Consulting work collaboratively and in partnership with our clients to provide tailored cost-effective and innovative solutions that meet your unique business needs. 


HR and OHS is what were are passionate about! Contact us to drive the issues you are currently facing to a solution so you can focus on what you are passionate about. 

About PWR Consulting

PWR Consulting Pty Ltd is an Australian owned human resources management and workplace safety consulting firm with decades of successfully providing strategic management and workforce solutions and practical people solutions to meet our client’s business needs..

We specialise in human resource management and workplace safety compliance and our clients include government, universities, private small to mediums businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

We have a reputation for professionalism and innovative yet proven methods that achieve results. 

Working collaboratively and in partnership with our clients is key to our culture. We focus on understanding your organisation and providing cost-effective and innovative solutions that meet your unique needs.

Why our clients choose to work with us:

  • Long-standing trusted reputation for delivering cost effective solutions;
  • Experienced HR and OHS/WHS professionals passionate about providing the best service; and
  • Customised and robust processes that meet client needs and achieve real outcomes.

As a company director or senior manager, you will know that all Australian businesses, whether large or small, must adhere to strict rules around managing their employees. These are encapsulated in both the Fair Work Act (Cth) (2009) and the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth). To make matters even more challenging, employment law is constantly changing and evolving.

At PWR Consulting, we have a extensive  experience assisting companies of all sizes, and across a broad range of industries, ensure they are compliant. We also ensure that the process is not only cost-effective but will make your business more efficient.


One of our most popular solutions the HR Audit.

PWR Consulting will conduct a detailed compliance review of your business, which will help identify risks and uncover threats resulting from incomplete, incorrect or missing processes that would expose you to penalties for failing to comply with the Fair Work Act. 


We are humbled by our clients who most recently have recognised the work delivered by the team at PWR through the following Award nominations

2018 Australian Small Business Champion Award FINALIST 

2018 Telstra Business Award Nominee

2018 Ausmumpreneur Award Nominee

2018 RSCA Excellence in Safety and Risk Management Nominee

2017 Telstra Business Womens Award Nominee


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Latest Workplace News


A Queensland Pizza Hut franchisee was hit with $216,700 in penalties following a successful prosecution by the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO). He was found guilty of using a sham contract to underpay a delivery driver and then falsifying records in an attempt to cover it up.

The FWO viewed that the worker was an employee, not an independent contractor, as Zhao’s company had a level of direction, supervision and control over the driver and he was not running an independent business. Zhao had actually been warned by the franchisor not to engage in sham contracting arrangements.

Last week, the FWO took legal action against the multinational company Foodora for allegedly committing multiple breaches of sham contracting. 

The difference between a contractor and an employee

If you use an independent contractor, even if you are paying them fairly, you could be liable for sham contracting. It is your legal obligation to know what separates an employee from a contractor.

PWR Consulting are leading experts in organisational audits regarding HR, employee engagement, Fair Work Compliance and workforce management. If you are a in the process of acquiring, merging, investing in a business or looking to bring in investors - performing due diligence, PWR are trusted partners and work with highly prominent organisations and legal teams. 

National Farm Safety Week

Farmers are being warned that a simple choice can have tragic consequences and that they must plan ahead and prioritise safety in each and every task.

The warning from WorkSafe follows twelve workplace deaths from incidents on Victorian farms since July 2017, an average of one a month.

Six people have died as a result of on-farm workplace incidents since January 1, which is half of the workplace deaths that have occurred in Victoria so far in 2018.

The plea to put safety first comes as National Farm Safety Week highlights the many simple things that farmers can do to make their workplaces safer for themselves, workers and family members.

Keeping safety front of mind for each task was crucial to making farming workplaces safer.

National Farm Safety Week is an opportunity to remind farmers that the quad bike rebate, to assist farmers to fit roll over protections devices to their bikes, or help pay for a more terrain appropriate vehicle, was still available through the Victorian Farmers Federation.

Tips for making your farm safe:

• Plan ahead. Think about each and every job and how it can be carried out safely.
• Use the right equipment for the job.
• If you're working alone, let someone know where you will be, and check-in so people know where you are.
• Ensure all machinery is switched off and disengaged when undertaking maintenance.
• Don't try and do everything yourself, engage specialists if necessary.
• Never think that experience will prevent accidents.

In support of National Farm Safety Week - The safety specialists at PWR Consulting are offering FREE Consultations with all farming businesses until 6 August 2018.

To accept this offer please contact us via the contact form below and we will be in touch to organise a time with you.

Recent Employer Prosecutions by Fair Work


  • Perth cleaning company has been hit with near-record WA penalties of $306,000 for underpaying workers at a Perth hotel. 
  • The operators of a Gold Coast restaurant have been penalised more than $284,000 for underpaying overseas workers and using false records to try to cover it up. 
  • The advice and knowledge of a bookkeeper was a central issue in a case that saw more than $100,000 of back-pay given to workers in Western Australia. 
  • 40% of United Petroleum Stores Underpaying Workers.  The Fair Work Ombudsman has blasted petrol giant United Petroleum for wide-spread underpayment of workers across its franchise network. 
  • Caltex terminates 19 franchise agreements for non-compliance. Caltex has terminated agreements with 19 franchisees covering 43 sites for underpayment of employee entitlements and other significant workplace non-compliance issues.
  • Three-quarters of Pizza Hut outlets found to be non-compliant.
  • Employer found guilty of underpaying worker for over 20 years. A court has found an employer underpaid a worker by more than $230,000 because it "recklessly disguised the true legal nature" of a 20-year-plus employment relationship by classifying him as an independent contractor. 
  • The master franchisor of the Yogurberry frozen yoghurt chain in Australia has been hit with $146,000 in penalties and an order for a national audit of the Yogurberry chain. The first time the Fair Work Ombudsman has secured penalties against a master franchisor for being an accessory to the exploitative practices of one its associated companies 
  • Canberra carpenter and his company hit with $38,000 in penalties 
  • Small business fined $58,000 for underpayment breach.
  • National advertising company and director fined $100,000 over underpayments.
  • Cotton On fined $278,000 by Fair Work Ombudsman.
  • $1.3m back-pay for almost 900 staff at Super A-Mart retail stores.

  • Recent audits by Fair Work Inspectors have found over 600 hospitality employers (cafes, restaurants and catering services) guilty of breaching employment laws.
  • Malgorzata Poniatowska recently won $466,000 from her employer, Employment Services Australia, in a discrimination claim upheld by the Federal Court of Appeal.
  • Thousands of aged care nurses, allied health workers and support staff are being reimbursed almost $4.8 million after their employer inadvertently underpaid their overtime rates for at least six years.
  • The Federal Circuit Court has imposed an unprecedented injunction restraining a NSW hairdresser from underpaying any staff he employs in the future.
  • Housekeepers cleaning rooms at one of Australia's largest hotels will have their pay packets reviewed after an investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman found they are being underpaid.
  • Oracle ordered to pay $130,000 in sexual harassment case.

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